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Your impact starts here

Thank you! We’re grateful you came this far. The impact you make by contributing to the making of the Milton Humason documentary goes beyond mere giving. By supporting this production you are making a statement; that greatness deserves to be recognized and remembered, you’re saying yes to broadening the public’s understanding of science and technology and it’s impact on our lives and your nurturing young minds, bringing them to science, enabling them to dream and reach for the stars.

So now lets take the next step. Make a donation – in cash or in kind – become a funder, a partner an investor, a sponsor, a follower or a friend.

Tax deductible

If you’re in the habit of collecting lots of good karma points by giving to charity you might want to bolster the benefits by giving through our fiscal sponsor – an organization that gives support to independent film makers. Since they are a registered 501c(3) charity your donation will be tax deductible in accordance the IRS rules and regulations. As with all our backers big and small you’ll get an honorable mention in the movies credits and books and other items will come your way. In short we’ll take care of you! TAX DEDUCTABLE  [+]

Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by The International Documentary Association.


There has never been a better time to make documentaries with lots of new channels producing and distributing the ‘truest’ form of filmmaking. Companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have changed the landscape for independent producers and there are more on the way with Facebook and Apple exploring the world of content creation. If you would like to talk about the possibility of investing in ‘The Cowboy Astronomer’ please contact the producers to start a conversation. Investment opportunities start at $10,000. INVEST get more information [+]

Other ways to help

At the risk of being blunt, we the producers of this incredible story need money. Hard cash. Spondulix. Greenbacks…  Well you get the picture. The money is used to buy, rent and employ the tools and personnel that make the magic, together with travel, accommodation and sustenance to name but a few of our expenses. Ans while we understand that not everyone can donate cash, maybe you can make an in-kind donation. Are you are a hotel chain? Do you have a bunch of miles that are going to expire? Are you a car rental company? Do you have a house in LA where we could crash for a week? Camera equipment, editing suites, plains, trains (we need one for the segment about Milton’s westward migrations!) and planes, we need them all. Give it some though and please get in-touch if you have an idea. IN KIND email us [+]

Send some love

Lastly we want to assure you that if you’re unable to help financially in-cash or in-kind (we get it. No really we do, we’re independent film makers! we keep washers in our pocket to give the appearance of having money.) and, you don’t have a spare Arriflex camera that you could lend, please send us some love and follow and share where you can. Your moral support is as good as gold around the production office and helping get the word out is priceless.


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